Creasing and Cutting Machine


Creasing and Cutting Machine is the suppression of cutting various ordinary cardboard, corrugated board plastic and leather products, special equipment, suitable for printing, packing decoration and plastic industries production.
This machine has compact structure, fine workmanship, big pressure, high precision, easy to use, safe and reliable.

Major construction features:
* Machine height overall casting quality materials, high strength.
* A 4-axis or 3 axis helical gear structure of a smooth, big pressure and low noise.
* Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
* Operational altitude is reasonably arranged bed opens.
* According to IEC standards for electrical systems design.
* Leaflets pressure, continuous cutting, opening dwell (delay range is adjustable).
* Safety system is reliable.
* Centralized lubrication system.

Product Specifications:

Model Version of box size Working speed Tangent length of the indentation Motor Power Weight Dimensions
ML-1400 1400mm×1040mm 18±2strokes/min 45m 5.5kw 7000kg 2200×2200×1750mm
ML-1300 1300mm×920mm 20±2strokes/min 40m 5.5kw 5600kg 1800×2120×1600mm
ML-1092 1092×800mm 20±2strokes/min 32m 5.0kw 4500kg 1800×1900×1480mm
ML-1040 1040×720mm 20±3strokes/min < 30m 4kw 3500kg 1930×1980×1700mm
ML-930 930×660mm 20±3strokes/min < 25m 4kw 3000kg 1720×1530×1620mm
ML-720 720×510mm 25 strokes/min < 15m 3kw 1800kg 1430×1470×1700mm
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