How to safely use the cutter blade
Cutter is one of the necessary printing equipment, which is mainly used for cutting paper. Today, generally have adopted mechanized operations, reduce labor intensity. Cutter is one of them mechanical. Cutter Cutter need to rely on cutting blade, it is one of the important components of the cutter. The sharpness of the blade of the cutter, service life greatly influence the efficiency of Cutter. When using the cutter, pay attention to safety, it is necessary for safe operation.
Note the use of the cutter blade:
1, in the choice of blade material, high-speed steel blade to choose, choose low-carbon steel blade. Why so, since the hardness of the blade determines the durability of the knife, so the strength of the blade to be higher. Such is not prone to chipping or cutting knife issues hurt the operator.
2, the blade angle of less abrasive 19-23 °, this angle may be reduced to withstand the pressure of the sheet corners, to avoid the rapid wear of the blade.
3. Select the blade selected according to the type of paper, hard paper, knife passivation fast.
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