Cutter routine maintenance points

Cutter routine maintenance points
To ensure the paper, the quality of the crop insurance policy, usually require maintenance Cutter, points are as follows:
1. Depending on the season, the choice of a suitable hydraulic oil. Winter No. 20 oil to maintain its fluidity; summer with the 30th oil to maintain its certain viscosity.
2. Maintaining an appropriate hydraulic pressure. Pressure, will ring burst; pressure is too small, the blade cutting seemed sluggish and weak.
3. Apply cutting blade platform and mouth with talcum powder or paraffin. There are two benefits of doing so;
A) reduce friction paper and platforms and effortless operation;
B) to extend the number of cutting blades, cutting edges mouth smooth and tidy.
4. Add oil. To work in the machinery before filling the fuel inlet oil, keep the machine lubrication, cleaning, no noise, so that cutter often in good working condition.

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