Guillotinecutterhow todosimpleassembly
For improved printer guillotine cutter. The guillotine cutter includes a cutter blade. The cutter blade has a cutting campaign to help promote media has been cut away from the frame of the exit chute and reduce the possibility of cutting the media has been in the framework of 拉入切 machine and requires the user to be pulled out. The guillotine cutter also includes a frame. The frame has a plurality of integrally molded support surface for supporting a number of movable components of the cutter to reduce the complexity of the cutter assembly, and reduce the number of parts (by removing the separate support and other similar auxiliary components) and the cutter assembly time required.
Cutter, including the frame, hinged rack with fixed product infeed system for adjusting the position of the workpiece displacement adjustment system products; feed system also includes a displacement control products and product regulation system operation control system . By the control system of the feed system and the displacement control system to control, according to the need of cutting the size of the workpiece to be cut, adjust the position of the workpiece, cutting processed through the feed system, ensure the accuracy of the workpiece machining position, improve efficiency, avoid or reduce waste paper, and adapt to different situations paper damage phenomenon, the use of a wider range; ensure the quality and toughness of the base paper, avoid the use of winder treatment resulted in damage to the paper later use, reducing trimming when rewinding processes, etc., reduce production and processing costs.
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