Cutter features a touch screen

Cutter features a touch screen

1 Touch Screen Cutter with self diagnostic capabilities. 5000,2000 a program group, and each program group has 999 different locations cutting data can be memorized, storage. Feed parts imported servo motor, low noise, maximum push paper speed 9 --- 18 m / min, the positioning accuracy of up to ± 0.01mm.
2 nickel-plated table and side table throughout the life cycle are secure, reliable, stable platform material can be cut in work activities, many jet nozzle can supply alone, the most reliable form of cushion.

3 double rail directly after the block positioning system ideal cutting position specified bit to make more precise, so that you can ensure the highest long-term crop quality.

4 Cutter always provide the most secure protection.

LCD screen makes Cutter under 5.TFT control system interface glance.

6 servo ball screw drive system coupled with dual-rail four-slider combination and further improve the positioning accuracy of the feed.

7. Pad knives ejection device, the tool changer of a more convenient and safe.

8 using the famous Schneider Electric, Omron brand appliances.

9 Structure and ordinary worm gear structure Cutter contrast, speed increased by 30%, low noise, on the future resale value better hedge against inflation.

10. Cutting overload safety protection, to better protect the turret, slider rod.

11 mechanical auxiliary tool changer, so quick and easy tool change security.

12 hydraulic uses the famous "Yuken" brand components.

13 foot control piston drive using the platen, a flexible pressure function.

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