(1) 操作切纸机前要先上光滑油,检查有无机器失灵、螺丝松动、规矩挪动等现象,并擦净刀盘上酌污渍:

(2) 开机运转时要发信号,空切几刀无误后试切一沓,检查尺寸正确前方可正常裁切:

(3) 机器正常运转中,严禁两人同时支配手触闸或脚踏闸。当发现纸沓不划一或裁切尺寸有误时要及时停机处置,切忌将手伸入刀盘内抡刀(即运转中用手急速触动纸沓的处置动作),形成人身毛病;

(4) 下班后要清算工作场地,坚持文化消费;做好交接班手续,保证下一个班次消费的顺利;

(5) 切纸机在正常运转状况下,每两周擦检一次;

Cutter for cutting and processing operations must be to ensure the safety of persons and the premise of the machine, paper cutter operating procedures are the following:

(1) paper cutter before the first operation on the oil, check for mechanical breakdowns, screw loose, mobile and so the rules, and wipe the discretion of the cutter on stains:

(2) send the signal to start running, air cut-cut stack of Jidao correct test to check the correct size before the normal crop:

(3) in the normal operation of the machine, while the two non-touch hand brake or foot control gates. When they find irregular or cut size paper again and again when the wrong stop in time handling, should not reach into the dip the knife in the cutter (ie, running in his hand touched the paper again and again the rapid processing of the action), resulting in personal failure;

(4) after work to clean up the workplace to maintain civilized production; do the shift procedure to ensure the smooth production of the next shift;

 (5) in the normal functioning of the cutter, the rubbing check once every two weeks; of the cutter, the rubbing check once every two weeks;

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